Would you like to try a free sample?

Would you like to try a free sample?

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Soil testing enables you to find out the makeup of your soil and helps you determine what nutrients are lacking and if your soil is acidic or alkaline.  The test tells us how many lbs., if any, dolomitic lime you need added.  In addition, it will let you know the best nutrients to add to your fertilizers for maximum plant growth.  By learning the pH of your soil, it can tell you why you may be having the types of problems high or low levels could cause.  We see this too often, adjusting soil pH takes a back seat to other maintenance tasks since we are readily putting in work only to see immediate results, such as overseeing.  Ignoring your soil pH when it has fallen below or above the ideal range will result in insufficient use of fertilizer, excess thatch buildup and increased pest problems.  At TurfTec we believe that adjusting your soil’s pH is one of the most important maintenance practices in a turf-grass management plan and we encourage clients with an over acid lawn to do lime applications in the spring and fall.  Once you bring the pH to an ideal level other problems in the turf start to work themselves out.

In addition to the soil’s pH we also test the levels of your soil’s nutrients to see if they are at a sufficient level. These nutrients can be added to your fertilizers to bring them up to a moderate level for optimum turf growth.


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  • Macro-Nutrients; Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium
  • Micro-Nutrients; Zinc, Manganese, and Boron

We turn our samples into the Clemson University Extension office here in Aiken, SC for our soil testing.  It is then sent off to the Agricultural Service Lab of Clemson.  They are the leading testing center in our part of the country.  Once we receive your soil results we customize a plan specific to your lawn’s needs.  Most clients find that after being on our Turf and Plant Pro Plus program for several years the cost decreases by getting a credit at the end of the year because once the lawn is brought back to health it will no longer need lime applications to maintain it.  Please contact the office for further information on soil testing