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Aiken Landscape Design

Our Aiken landscape design services start with an initial free consultation. We’ll identify your likes & interests and how you envision spending time in your yard. Do you love gardening, grilling, or need an area for the kids to run free? We’ll identify technical aspects of the yard, such as areas of sunlight (or lack of) and determine the slope of the yard.


With this information we can recommend ideal plants, turf and proper irrigation & drainage set-up. We’ll determine the plant selection that will fit your aesthetic needs, but also your lifestyle and micro-climate present in your property. Similarly we’ll identify a turf that is suitable for your property depending on moisture and light conditions.


Our design services are available for an hourly rate. However, if you decide to utilize TurfTec for the installation of the plan, we provide deeply discounted design services and package that into the overall project costs.


Make your ideal Aiken landscape a reality 

Weather you’ve utilized TurfTec design services or have a landscape plan of your own, TurfTec can make your ideal Aiken landscape a reality. We offer complete execution of predetermined landscape design, including irrigation, plant and turf selection and installation.


Prior to starting work, we identify all costs and a timeline for completion. We can secure materials needed for the project, as well as provide delivery services to the job site for a small fee.


Plus, once we’ve completed a project we can develop a plan for proper upkeep.


If you have a design project in mind, or are just looking for ideas on how to bring your property to life, please contact us by phone at 803.292.9597.

Landscape Design

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