Fertilization & Lawn Care

Strengthen your Aiken Lawn Care


TurfTec specializes in fertilization programs for all varieties of South Eastern turf and plant material suitable for South Carolina and Georgia. Different varieties of turf require different fertilization programs, so each program is customized to your turf’s needs. Several of our fertilization programs also include plant fertilizations.


We offer the following fertilization packages, which are customized to your property:

  • Turf Pro – Introductory package focused on the health of your turf
  • Turf & Plant Pro – Focused on the health of your turf and plants
  • Turf & Plant Pro Plus – Top of the line package that includes comprehensive care for your plants and turf

Lawn Care Services

Below are services that TurfTec offers for comprehensive lawn care.

Soil Samples

Soil samples are taken to determine the pH level of the soil.  It is important to know what nutrients are in the soil and which ones are lacking when starting a fertilizer program.  Plus, soil profiles are always evolving and will differ from area to area.  Having a soil analysis will help TurfTec craft a program that is specific to your exact plant and turf environment.


Pre-emergent helps prevent the germination of crabgrass seeds and other weeds that are common in turf. TurfTec recommends two applications per year, which are applied in mid-February to mid-March and again in mid-October. Exact application time is dependent on temperature and climate conditions.


While pre-emergent reduces the amount of weeds in turf, it doesn’t guarantee that weeds won’t germinate. Post-emergent is applied once weeds are present.  Post-emergent is a type of selective herbicide that kills weeds that are present and helps prevent further weed germination in the lawn.

Turf Fertilization

Turf fertilizations strengthen the root system and promote green, lush healthy turf blades. TurfTec uses granular nitrogen pellets, rather than liquid, because the granular form breaks down slower and binds to the soil and turf longer. Applications are done throughout the growing season in April, May, June and August. Soil samples are recommended to determine the exact calibration of fertilizer needed for your turf.

Plant & Shrub Fertilization

Like turf fertilizations, plant and shrub fertilizations strengthen the root system and promote green, lush healthy turf blades. Applications are done during the growing season in April and again in August. Need and timing is dependent on temperature, climate conditions and plant variety.


Dolomitic lime is used to help control the pH levels in your turf.  Lime can also be used to soften the soil profile as well. Soil samples will determine the need and quantity of lime to be applied to the turf.

Pest & Disease Prevention & Management

TurfTec uses insecticides to prevent or control pest from being a problem. Our insecticides treat the many of the common pests in our area, including mole crickets, fire ants, grubs, aphids, mites, scale and many other common pest that can cause significant to major damage to our landscapes.


Fungicides prevent or control disease that can arise in our area.  It is important to use fungicides in our area due to ever changing weather patterns.  Using fungicides as a preventive measure can help ensure that your lawn will be able to fight these conditions to ensure a healthy stand of turf.


Aerification is the practice of pulling 4-6 inch plugs from the turf.  This process alleviates compaction improves water and air flow to root system. The loosened soil encourages roots to grow downward, ultimately resulting in a stronger more resilient turf. TurfTec recommends an annual aerification for residential properties.