Only you can prevent Crape Murder

Only you can prevent Crape Murder


Heinous crimes are being committed in our towns, neighborhoods, and even right out in front of your local businesses.

Topping is murder!  (insert a photo of a topped off tree)

You can call the plant experts at Clemson University or even the National Arboretum and they will confirm what a majority of homeowners, gardeners, even our local landscapers are unaware of; topping only damages the plant.  This practice hinders its ability to grow naturally and have a multitude of those showy blooms we planted them for in the first place.  They will not stand up for long and one good rain will cause the blooms to flop over.  The scarring from topping a Crape myrtle will never fully heal and will be apparent for the life of the tree.  Luckily you have chosen TurfTec and we know what we are doing.  We have a master gardener in our misdt and degree’s in science to back up our landscape practices.

One common reason for this practice is the plants growth has gotten out of control and one day a homeowner looks out the window and realizes an 8-foot plant has reached 15 or 20 feet and is creeping onto the porch roof or interring with the gutters, etc. There are alternative practices for a Crape myrtle that has grown too large for its current space due to neglect.  Consider cutting the whole thing back and letting it start over, possibly moving it to a more appropriate space in your landscaping if you are not wanting to maintain it annually.  Pruning should serve a purpose and not be detrimental to the health of the trees themselves.  It should serve to enhance the structure and appearance of the tree.

For the correct pruning of a Crape myrtles see last week’s blog.

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